(RECAP) Esquire Branding Agency & Project XIII Presents: The V Senses Sponsored by Grey Goose


On Thursday October 25th, join Esquire Branding Agency & Project XIII as we present 'The SpelHouse V' sponsored by Grey Goose - the OFFICIAL kick off for the 5-year anniversary of Morehouse and Spelman Classes of 2013. Esquire Branding Agency continues to elevate our signature experiences from the status quo social-scenes in the Greater Metro Atlanta Area.  While sections and bottle-popping will be available (hell, it is Homecoming!!!), we’re putting more emphasis on the full experience -- where alumni, from near and far, are welcomed back to a jovial environment, and you can genuinely reconnect with beloved classmates while meeting other young professionals during the weekend festivities. 

To make this event memorable and ABOVE the competition, we’ve partnered with Revery: VR Bar AND Grey Goose for a virtual reality experience –as well as an immersive VIVE MARTINI COCKTAIL TOUR, that engages the V human senses -- harping on the 5-year anniversary of our respective alma maters. Guests will explore each sensory “room” with an elevated Grey Goose Cocktail, accompanied by an interactive activity that will heighten all of your senses for a LIT ASS EVENING! Once YOU have completed all V rooms, you will be able to purchase [discounted] cocktails at the bar for the rest of the event.

Now, for the 1s and 2s, DJs Thrice Groove and the Black Amigo will provide a collection of unique tunes (i.e. house, open format, etc.) that will set the vibe all night. This isn't your typical club function -- welcome home to the Spelhouse V!

Here are the V sense experience included with your ticket:


I. TASTE IT: This sense is engaged through the TONGUE, to detect sour, sweet, salt and umami through a BLINDFOLDED immersion where you try an EXCLUSIVE mini-freeze pop series for honored guest.

II. FEEL IT: This sense is engaged through the SKIN via hot and cold temperatures that incite pressure and pain – there will be a wall with textures, photo booth and mini cocktail that you will be required to shake. 

III. SEE IT: This sense is engaged through SIGHT – manifested through your eyes via colors and lights. You will have access to the VR experience, accompanied by blue glow sticks and citrus-infused cocktail that changes color. 

IV. HEAR IT: This sense is engaged through HEARING – manifesting through your ears with sounds and vibrations. You will experience a stirring demonstration accompanied by snare drummer. 

V. SMELL IT: This sense is engaged through the smell – manifested through the nose to detect scents or desirable chemicals in the air. Smoke will fill throughout the booth as you partake a SMOKED ‘Rum’ Old fashioned & Coki Beach cocktails. Trust me, it will SMELL and TASTE delicious.

Additional Virtual Reality experiences are available for purchase from Revery VR.